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Lowest Parking Rates

Price Type Location
CA$20 Daily 8 York Street Toronto
CA$40 Weekly 166 Browning Avenue Toronto
CA$75 Monthly 249 Wellesley Street East Toronto
CA$75 Monthly Ross Street Toronto
CA$75 Monthly Ross Street Toronto
CA$79 Monthly 461 Woodfield Road Toronto
CA$80 Monthly 314 Clinton Street Toronto
CA$80 Monthly Beckett Avenue Toronto
CA$80 Monthly 100 Peterborough Avenue Toronto
CA$80 Monthly 2 Regal Road Toronto

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Toronto has a parking problem. It seems like every time you drive around, you are faced with a sea of cars parked on the street. And it's not just in the downtown area - parking is practically impossible to find anywhere in the city. The problem is made even worse by the fact that most Toronto residents don't have any other option but to drive. The high cost of living and the lack of public transportation makes it difficult for people to get around without their own vehicle.

The city has tried to solve the parking problem in a number of ways, but so far, it's not been successful. They've built new parking lots and developed special parking permits for businesses and residents, but the number of cars on the streets has only grown. In fact, some experts say that Toronto's parking problem is worse than any other urban centre in Canada. An immediate solution is the need of the hour, and Parkify has just the solution for you.

Parkify is a platform that helps people find nearby parking spots without taking too much time. If you're from Toronto and want a convenient Monthly Parking Toronto spot close to where you live, all you need to do is search for it on our site, and you'll get answers quickly.

Parkify – the #1 parking search platform in Canada

Parkify makes it easy to find a parking spot. You can search by entering an address or postal code, and Parkify will show you where all available parking spaces are in the area. It only takes seconds! You'll never spend hours trying to find parking again - save time and connect with owners quickly while handling your daily tasks!

Owners can easily rent their parking spots

If you have a spare parking spot, then you can easily rent the same and get some decent bucks on the side. Parkify takes the pain out of finding a willing tenant, as just by simply posting an ad, you will receive several enquiries from folks that are willing the take the spot on rental. You can decide at your convenience.

Parking for all types of vehicles

Parkify is not just limited to helping one find parking for their cars. At our site, you can find solutions for all kinds of parking requirements, including commercial trucks, trailers, RVs, boats, and more. You only have to search for your query, and you will find hundreds of ad listings just waiting for you.

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Our platform has been designed to be user-friendly. Even folks that are not that great with tech will have no trouble finding the perfect parking spot for rental. Also, posting an ad for your owned parking spot is also straightforward and would take a couple of minutes. Get started right away!


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